Q: What the material is inside
A: It includes tourmaline powder, infrared ray powder, bio permanent magnets and self-heating cloth

Q: What the feeling of self heating?
A: When the lumbar support is working, you have a sense of thermal energy and acupuncture, directly to the deep parts of the body. Please note that the sense of self heating is different from the the sense of warm we understand usually. it is a sense of thermal energy and acupuncture.

Q: Why don’t I feel any warm/ self heating
A: This happened specially in winter. the tourmaline usually work under a little wet environment. You can wipe the inside with a little wet cloth, then wear it, You will feel self-heating.

Q: If I don’t use it for a period, How can I keep it?
A: The lumbar support should be cleaned and stored at a ventilating place when it is not used for a long time

Q: how does the product turn on & off?
A: It is not an electronic equipment, you don’t have to turn on & off. When you really feel too hot to feel comfortable, just take it off.

Q: Who can use it?
A: The product is applicable for people with backache/ waist ache/ lumbar pain, patients with lumbar muscle strain, people with stomachache, people with uterine pain, people who feels cold on Lower abdomen, lumbar, stomach etc and fat people want to lose weight.

Q: Who can NOT use it?
A: The following crowds are banned to use
1. people with skin problem or have cracked/sensitive skin, malignant tumor, and bleeding tendency.
2. Pregnant women shall not wear this product;
3. people with the serious heart, brain disease.
4. If you have any special disease, please consult you doctor before you purchase.

Q: For the lumbar support you state “one size fits most”, is there any way to be a bit more specific – like up to what waist size?
A: The lumbar is adjustable. The waist size can reach up to 1.1 m/42 inches

Q: What exactly are these products used for?
A: Basically they can promote blood circulation, improve immunity, release muscle strain, some of them also can help to loss weight, partly relieve pain and get your body part warm, and more details you can read each product’s description.

Q: Could you please tell me where they are made?
A: The product is made in China

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  1. hi, i just bought a voucher from dealticker.com for a pair of wrist supports. i was wondering how do i go about ordering them and where do i put the vouvher information so that i’m not charged again???

  2. I have epilepsy controlled with medication. Can I safely use the Tourmaline socks?

    • From the information you provided, we suggest you contact your family doctor and ask her/him to give you a professional consulting. the material of the socks is made of tourmaline powder and cotton.

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