Jan 312013
[magny image=”http://outletebay.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/2011111117070361623773.jpg” title=”Pink Leg Warmer” description=”Faux fur leg warmer muffs boots shoes sleeves covers” align=”center” click=”1″ small_image=”” maxwidth=”250px” zoom=”1.3″ dia=”200px” skin=”new-im-frame-simple,new-title-off,new-description-off,new-slider-abowe,new-im-magnifier-simple” ] $29 tax and shipping included for a pair faux fur leg warmer muffs boots shoes
Item No: WA-T2106
Style: Fashion see picture for color and style
Price: $29/Piece, Tax and shipping Included
Payment: Accept Paypal, Credit Card.
About us: Click to know purchase FAQ
Length: 20cm / 8inch

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