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[magny image=”http://outletebay.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/lumb-support.jpg” title=”” description=”” align=”center” click=”1″ small_image=”” canvas_mode=”1″ maxwidth=”300px” zoom=”1″ dia=”200px” skin=”new-im-frame-simple,new-title-off,new-description-off,new-slider-off,new-im-magnifier-simple” ] $48.00 Tourmaline Infrared Ray Self Heating Lumbar Support
Item No: WH-ZJ0107
Price: $48.00/Piece tax and shipping included!
Shipping: shipping free in Canada and USA,
Payment: Accept Paypal, Credit Card.
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Main material:Tourmaline powder, Infrared ray powder,
Magnet and self-heating cloth.
Heating size: One size fits most. The waist size can reach up to 1.1 m/42 inches

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Give Your Back a Break! The Tourmaline Self-Heating Lumbar Support Belt has a great solution for people who experience back pain, abdominal strains, muscle pain, or pain around the waist. The belt create heat therapy for the lumbar and abdominal areas. You can feel effective, instant relief by warming the injured area as this belt releases far-infrared wave with wavelengths of 4-14 um, to relieve tension, activate collateral, improve the micro circulation of the human body and to activate cells and to improve circulation and blood oxygen levels.

Used Method:
Generally 1-2 times per day, start in half hour to one hour (can be adjusted longer according to actual situation if you feel good) Put the product closely attached to the lumbar area, about 20 minutes later, the back will have a sense of thermal energy and acupuncture, directly to the deep parts of the body. It can produce heat energy and anion which can promote blood circulation, improve immunity, release muscle strain. The product also help people who feels cold on lower abdomen, lumbar, stomach etc and fat people want to lose weight. The product is not for those have cracked/sensitive skin. If you feel the sense not comfortable or your skin are irritated, discontinue use it.
1. The product can be repeated washing, avoid to use detergent, used powder, direct scrub with water.
2. Don’t long time soaking, do not bleach, do not exposure.
3. The pregnant woman and the serious heart, brain disease and bleeding or bleeding tendency are banned to use. Do not use if you have cracked/sensitive skin.
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