Dec 152012
[magny image=”” title=”Infrared Ray Knee Protector” description=”Far Infrared Knee Support For Pain Relief ” align=”center” click=”1″ small_image=”” maxwidth=”250px” zoom=”1.3″ dia=”200px” skin=”new-im-frame-simple,new-title-off,new-description-off,new-slider-abowe,new-im-magnifier-simple” ] $45.00 Tourmaline Infrared Ray Knee Pads
Item No: WH-ZJ0104
Price: $45.00/Piece tax and shipping included!
Shipping: shipping free in Canada and USA,
Payment: Accept Paypal, Credit Card.
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Main material:Tourmaline powder, Infrared ray powder,
Magnet and self-heating cloth.
Size: Height: 25cm / Length: 45cm and Heating size 21*16cm

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Used Method:
Generally, use this product 1-2 times per day; half-one hour per use (can be adjusted longer according to situation if you feel good). Attach this product to the knee area; about 30 minutes later, the knee area will receive a sense of thermal energy and acupuncture, which goes directly to the inner parts of the body. The self-heated technology works in a wet environment, if you cannot feel warmth during winter; you can wipe the pads inside with a little wet cloth before you wear it. This product is not for those have cracked/sensitive skin. If the feeling is not comfortable or your skin is irritated, discontinue the use of it.
1. The product can be washed repeatedly with water. Avoid washing with detergent and powder.
2. Don’t soak for a long time, and do not bleach.
3. The product should not be used by those who have cracked/sensitive skin. Discontinue use if skin becomes irritated.
4 The product is not recommended for use by pregnant women, and those with serious heart disease, bleeding or brain conditions.
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